Tuesday, May 4, 2010

S.W.I.G. - #22

Anzac weekend - 23rd April to 26th April
What a blast, we had the best time ever. Its great seeing everyone again. The "Chicks from the Sticks" Deb & Karen! Lots of wonderful layouts done over the weekend, lots of talking and catching up, and going through everyones stash!
We had some hi jinx, dont know who it was , but they kidnapped some snakes and held them for ransome!!
I see Deb, Karen, Ginny, Jodie, and Virginia and Christine, way in the background.
This SWIG's theme was the Mad Hatters Tea Party, so we had to make some hats,
i think Jo & Christine (other Christine) won the prize, theirs were the best!

We have a photo of the ones who have been to every SWIG, since
its conception, they are from left to right

Judy Schramm , Ginny Fleet, Chrissy Berry, Virginia Ollette and
Christine Martin

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