Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nanny & Great Nanny Cuddles

Well after 4 months and 1 week this Nanny finally got to cuddle my little bundle of sweetness, Bailey Adam Robert Lyons. He is wonderful, improving everyday, and growing like anything.
He is nearly 3.6kilos, a slight improvement over his 700g of birth weight.!!!
And his Great Nanny got to have cuddles as well! It was absolutely wonderful!


  1. just gorgeous Tracey, just had a tear in my sure you had glad he is getting better every day

  2. Tracey he is a beautiful baby boy and it must of been wonderful to finally get a cuddle. Give him a kiss and cuddle for me.
    Jan Amato (tomato)

  3. i bet it was wonderful to hold him..bought back lots of flowing memories for me


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