Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on Bailey

Well a few of you know my little sweetie got home on Saturday! But don't start cheering yet, poor little guy ended up back at the Mater Hospital Saturday night. Yep, was actually at home a whole 15mins before he had a little seizure, so the kids did everything they were taught, called the Ambos and hospital. Ambos arrived and told them they had done everything right, but took him to the Beaudesert Hospital just in case. He was doing ok, but unfortunately he had another seizure so the Mater decided he should go back there. SIGH!!!!! So long story short, he is still there, they are working out medication levels (or something). Hopefully he will be home soon.
He is doing well otherwise, little nugget is growing like a weed. He is just under 7 kilos now! A big difference to the 700grams born. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Will keep you posted!

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  1. OH Tracey my heart is aching for you and the family, am sending positive thoughts


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