Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20th July, 2010

Update on Bailey

Well my darling little man has been into surgery again today. (lost count the number of times over the last few weeks. He first went in a couple of weeks ago and had his bowel fixed up. So he is now "bag free". Yippeeeeeee. long time coming.
sigh, now for the other saga, as some of you know, he has had shunts placed in his little brain to drain fluid away, (due to contracting the meningitis in hospital) he has had them taken out and new ones put in etc etc. BUT today, they were able to place a permanent one (lots of doctor yabba involved here!) they fixed his little hernias, and another little problem. And the Doctors were very happy with everything (and we were very relieved!)
WELL, this afternoon, Sharyn and Daniel received a phone call, she is to go to the hospital on Thursday, and they are to start organizing oxygen etc for his homecoming (NO! No definite date yet!) But it is a start.
So after 6months and 8 days we are actually on the side of, talking about his homecoming! How cool is that!

Will let you know as soon as we have a date!!
Bye for now, One excited Nana!

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